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How To Reach Us
General Location
Travel Directions
305 Broadway
Suite 402
New York, New York 10007

We do not provide legal consultations by telephone or via email. To obtain a consultation, you may call us to set up an appointment.

305 Broadway
General Location
  • Our office is on the 4th floor of 305 Broadway between Thomas Street and Duane Street, approximately 8 blocks south of Canal Street.
  • 305 Broadway is an elevator building, wheel chair accessible.
  • Our building is directly across the street from and west of the Jacob Javits Federal Plaza Building (immigration offices building).
  • We are within walking distance to the Manhattan Housing Court at 111 Centre Street (between White Street and Franklin Street, abutting Lafayette Street).

    Directions By Subway
  • Red Line: Take the 1, 2, 3, or 9 subway to Chambers Street stop, walk east to Broadway.
  • Blue Line: Take the A or C subway to Chambers Street stop, walk east to Broadway. (The E subway to the World Trade Center is a further walk.)
  • Yellow Line: Take the N or R subway to City Hall stop, walk west to Broadway.
  • Green Line: Take the 4, 5 or 6 subway to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop, walk west to Broadway.

    Directions By Bus
  • Take the M6 down Broadway to Thomas Street (about 8 blocks south of Canal Street).
  • Take the M1, M9, M15, M22, or M103 to City Hall, walk west to Broadway.

    Directions By Bicycle
    Unfortunately, our building is not accessible for bicycles since it lacks a rear-entry freight elevator. However, several parking garages somewhat nearby offer indoor bicycle parking:
  • 121 Reade Street
  • 109 Park Row
  • One Police Plaza (the police garage)
    For more information about bicycle parking or commuting by bicycle in New York City, contact Transportation Alternatives.

    Directions By Car
    We discourage private motor vehicle travel in Manhattan. It is not an earth-friendly means of transportation. If you feel you must drive, parking sites can be found at:
  • An outdoor parking lot lies on the southwest corner of Broadway and Leonard Street (3 blocks north of our office).
  • An underground parking garage can be found one-half block west directly behind our building at Trimble Place between Thomas and Duane Streets. (Thomas is a one-way street running west; Duane is a one-way street running east.)
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